Some very cool films on Acorn and Buckeye Processing

There are lots of ways to process acorns.  These neat old films show traditional processing in enough detail for a person to really learn something.  Processing of the California buckeye is much less common, but this video shows how it is done.  The buckeye nuts are poisonous raw, but they are not hard to process and it shouldn’t be overly intimidating.  It’s also just really great to watch these ladies at work with their deft hands, and listen to the singing, which is,  for lack of a better description, very grounding.   Thanks to the wonders of the information age, these once very hard to get films are now available to see.  Check ’em out!





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  1. Great finds – thank you.

  2. These videos are amazing. I’ve been wanting to see buckeyes processed. And I love that the ladies are wearing their best dresses for the camera.

    • Agreed, I love these videos! Watching those women work is mesmerizing. Buckeye is pretty easy to process as you can see, but I find that no matter how much I leach it, it will still come up with a faint cat pee like aroma if it is warmed. That may be why it was supposedly eaten cold. I was hoping to do a video on processing them this year, but it looks like I may not get to it. BTW, pretty much all of my content now goes on and


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