buckskins on woven wall

Welcome to the Paleotechnics blog.  While this blog springs forth from various motivations, the one thing we would like to be sure of is that you learn something when you visit us here.  What will you learn?  The topics will vary quite a lot, but most will relate to natural living skills and getting to know the natural world and the articulations of life around us.  Our focus is on human participation in nature at a basic level using the simple equation-  Learn stuff > gather stuff > make things > use the things you’ve made = personal empowerment and greater self reliance.

Paleotechnics has always been about de-mystifying and making accessible natural living skills and basic technology.  The business manifested as an outgrowth of this passion and continues to strive to empower people to become less domesticated, more self reliant and more intimately familiar with minerals, plants, animals and the many and varied expressions of nature around us.  Our lives are built around gaining and sharing knowledge, so we’re excited to share in this format!

buffalo parfleche

Buffalo parfleche

We would like to strike a balance between making a living and providing free information for people with the motivation to seek it out and run with it.  This blog provides a free service in that regard- to expand and refine your skill sets.  The vast majority of paleotechnics income goes to purchasing Turkeysong, the experimental paleo/homesteading base camp in the Mountains of Northern California where we have access to space and materials to figure this stuff out.  The Turkeysong project is supported almost solely by income from Paleotechnics’ classes and sales!  What you can do to support this continued awesomeness is, share content on social media, buy publications and take classes.  In classes, we aim to be sure that you will not go away disappointed.  Instruction is geared toward empowerment through knowledge, and we mean it.

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